Brett Savage’s bloodline stems back to 1903 in South Africa where the Savage family established South Africa’s premier apparel company “TEESAV”. As a child he could be found riding his tricycle through his families 7-story factory causing absolute mayhem. In the late 80’s while is brother “Mike Savage” was chasing his professional surfing career, Brett was refining his passion of shaping boards out of a shaping bay in the back of their beach home in Ballito Bay “SAV’s Island”. Brett studied business Management and then extended his studies for four further years to achieve a master’s degree in Clothing Production, all whilst slinging a bass guitar for South Africa’s famed Band “Arapaho”.


Brett started his Action Sports Career in the stables of Gotcha and MCD in South Africa but the desire for him to be closer to his best friend and brother drove him to uproot and move to good old Laguna Beach “The Land of the South African Mafia”. He then began his Merchant career with Rusty Clothing and had the great fortune of working for a handful of smaller core brands until he found a home at Reef in San Diego. Brett worked for Reef though the VFC acquisition and made his way up through the ranks to become the Vice President of product, absorbing great learning’s from the powerful corporate giant.


In 2013 Brett started Sons Of Savage LLC, armed with amazing experiences, the pursuit to better understand our ecosystem of bands and consumers began. Brett has since co – founded PREFAB (a brand incubator and co working space in San Diego), Ez1Z (Multiple award winning kids brand) and 4S.inc (Data Sync and the 4CASTA product analysis tool). Sons Of Savage the Brand is a Creative Youth Brand run by his 14 year old and 10  year old as an experiment to see if they can learn the mean of Brand Building at this early stage. Both Sons design and drive the social media marketing while Brett runs the finance and operations together with all the other house brands under Sons Of Savage LLC.